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Aaron is one of the best & brightest affiliate managers I had a pleasure working. Always creative, always with great ideas, great follow up and great execution.

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What our affiliates have to say

HudsonValleyHost has designed a super simple payout structure that pays top dollar for our products. There are no exclusions from our product list and you get paid for every sale no matter what. This includes both monthly purchases and budget level products that are only a couple dollars per month.


Step 1: Apply

Apply to the Affiliate program and gain access to our team of  Affiliate Managers, creatives, and affiliate technology for accurate referral tracking.

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Add the tracking code & creatives to your websites, emails, or other online properties and start promoting HudsonValleyHost products and services.

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Enjoy generous payouts and commissions for promoting our budget hosting, VPS, & dedicated servers with payouts ranging from $50 to $100 per sales
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Our Creative Campaigns

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